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051639 051640 3991 of 23533, protective_extracted.txt051641 Workers should wear full protective clothing. 工人應該穿着全套防護服。051642 a protective la

051640  3991 of 23533,  protective_extracted.txt
051641  Workers should    wear full protective clothing. 工人應該穿着全套防護服。
051642  a protective layer of varnish 清漆防護層
051643  a    protective barrier against the sun's rays 防曬層
051644  She had been fiercely protective    towards him as a teenager. 她過去曾極力呵護他這個十幾歲的孩子。
051645  He was    extremely protective of his role as advisor. 他極力保護自己的顧問角色。
051646  He put a protective arm around her shoulders. 他呵護地用胳膊摟住她的肩膀。
051647  Parents can easily become over-protective of their    children (= want to protect    them too much). 父母容易過度保護孩子。
051648  protective    tariffs 保護性關稅             pro∙tect∙ive∙lyadv.: She clutched her bagprotectively. 她用力抓緊護着自己的提包。 pro∙tect∙ive∙ness noun [U]
051650  3992 of 23533,  hasty_extracted.txt
051651  a hasty    departure/ meal/ farewell 急急忙忙的離去╱用餐╱辭別
051652  Let's    not make any hasty decisions. 我們不要匆忙做決定。
051653  Perhaps I was too    hasty in rejecting his offer. 我拒絕他的提議也許過於草率了。                   see beat v.           adv.: Perhaps I spoke    too hastily. 或許我說話太急了些。
051654  She hastily    changed the subject. 她匆匆換了個話題。
051656  3993 of 23533,  patrolman_extracted.txt
051657  Patrolman Don    Lilly 巡警唐 利利
051659  3994 of 23533,  unknown_2_extracted.txt
051660  a journey into the  unknown 探險之旅
051661  a fear of the unknown 對未知事物的恐懼
051662  A young unknown  played the leading role. 演主角的是一個名不見經傳的年輕人。
051663  There  are so many unknowns in the proposal. 這項提案中的未知數太多了。
051664  X and Y  in the equation are both unknowns. 等式中的 X 和 Y 都是未知數。
051666  3995 of 23533,  tuberculosis_extracted.txt
051667  a tubercular infection 結核病感染
051669  3996 of 23533,  subservient_extracted.txt
051670  The    press was accused of being subservient to the government. 有人指責新聞界一味迎合政府的旨意。
051671  The    needs of individuals were subservient to those of the group as a whole. 個人的需要服從於整個集體的需要。             sub∙ser∙vi∙ence// noun [U]
051673  3997 of 23533,  slash_2_extracted.txt
051674  a slash across his  right cheek 他右臉上的一道刀傷
051675  (figurative) Her  mouth was a slash of red lipstick. 她的嘴就是口紅抹出的一道縫。
051676  He's  just nipped out to have a slash. 他剛才急急忙忙跑出去撒了一泡尿。
051678  3998 of 23533,  up_4_extracted.txt
051679  He  upped and left without telling anyone. 他突然起身不辭而別。
051680  The buyers upped  their offer by £1 000. 買方把出價增加了  1 000 英鎊。
051682  3999 of 23533,  poetic_extracted.txt
051683  poetic    language 詩歌語言
051684  Byron's Poetical Works 拜倫詩作
051685  There is a poetic    quality to her playing. 她的演奏富有詩意。             poet∙ic∙al∙ly// adv.
051687  4000 of 23533,  worm_2_extracted.txt
051688  She wormed her way  through the crowd to the reception desk. 她在人群中左拐右繞走到服務枱。
051689  He managed to worm his  way into her life. 他設法騙取信任進入了她的生活。 worm sth 'out of sb (informal) to make  sb tell you sth, by asking them questions in a clever way for a long period  of time (慢慢地)從某人處套出話來;不斷套問 : We eventually wormed  the secret out of her. 我們最後從她口裏探聽出了秘密。
051691  4001 of 23533,  feel_2_extracted.txt
051692  You  can tell it's silk by the feel. 你一摸就知道這是絲綢。
051693  She loved the feel of the  sun on her skin. 她喜歡太陽照在皮膚上的感覺。
051694  I had a feel of the  material. 我摸了一下這種織物。
051695  It's a big city but  it has the feel of a small town. 這是座大城市,卻給人一個小城鎮的印象。
051696  The room has  a comfortable feel to it. 這個房間令人感到舒適。
051697  I  haven't got the feel of the brakes in this car yet. 我還沒有掌握這輛車的剎車性能。
051698  She has a real feel  for languages. 她有語言天才。

051700  4002 of 23533,  peak_1_extracted.txt
051701  Traffic reaches  its peak between 8 and 9 in the morning. 上午 8、9 點鐘之間是交通高峰期。
051702  She's at the peak of her career. 她正處在事業的巔峰。
051703  the peaks and troughs of married life 婚後生活的起起伏伏 —compare  off-peak
051704  a mountain  peak 山峰
051705  snow-capped/ jagged peaks 積雪覆蓋的╱嶙峋怪異的群峰
051706  The climbers made camp halfway up the peak. 登山者在半山腰設置營地。
051707  Whisk  the egg whites into stiff peaks. 把蛋清攪成硬尖狀。
051709  4003 of 23533,  jar_2_extracted.txt
051710  [VN] The  jolt seemed to jar every bone in her body. 這震動似乎把她渾身上下每根骨頭都弄疼了。
051711  [V] The  spade jarred on something metal. 鐵鍬撞在什麼金屬物件上發出刺耳的聲音。
051712  [V] His  constant moaning was beginning to jar on her nerves. 他不停的呻吟使她焦躁不安起來。
051713  There was a jarring note of triumph in his voice. 他聲音裏含有一種煩人的揚揚得意的口氣。 [also  VN]
051714  Her brown shoes  jarred with the rest of the outfit. 她那雙棕色的鞋與她的衣着不協調。
051716  4004 of 23533,  intoxicated_extracted.txt
051717  (NAmE) He    was arrested for
051718  intoxicated    with success 被成功沖昏了頭腦             in∙toxi∙cateverb [VN]
051720  4005 of 23533,  remind_extracted.txt
051721  [VN] I'msorry, I've forgotten your name. Can you remind me? 對不起,我忘了你的名字。提醒我一下好嗎?
051722  That(= what you have just said, done, etc.) remindsme, I must get some cash. 這倒提醒了我,我得帶上一些現金。
051723  'You need to finishthat essay.' ' Don't remind me (= I don'twant to think about it).' "你要完成那篇論文。" "別提啦!"
051724  'Don'tforget the camera.' 'Remind me about it nearer the time.' "別忘了帶相機。" "到時候再提醒我一下。"
051725  [VN to inf] Remindme to phone Alan before I go out. 提醒我在出去之前給艾倫打電話。
051726  [VN (that)] Passengersare reminded (that) nosmoking is allowed on this train. 旅客們請注意,本次列車禁止吸煙。
051727  [VN wh-] Cansomeone remind me what I should do next? 誰能告訴我下一步該做什麼?
051728  [VN speech] 'Youhad an accident,' he reminded her. 他提醒她道:"你出過一次事故了。" re'mindsb of sb/ sth if sb/ sth reminds you of sb/ sth else, they makeyou remember or think about the other person, place, thing, etc. because theyare similar in some way 使想起(類似的人、地方、事物等) : You remind me of yourfather when you say that. 你說這樣的話,使我想起了你的父親。
051729  That smell reminds meof France. 這股氣味使我想起了法國。
051731  4006 of 23533,  morbid_extracted.txt
051732  He had a morbid    fascination with blood. 他對血有着一種病態的喜好。
051733  'He might    even die.' 'Don't be so morbid.' "他甚至會死的。" "別胡思亂想。"
051735  4007 of 23533,  hose_1_extracted.txt
051736  a garden hose 澆花園的軟管
051737  a  length of hose 一段軟管  —
051738  doublet and hose 緊身上衣和緊身褲
051740  4008 of 23533,  converter_extracted.txt
051741  a catalytic    converter 催化轉換器
051743  4009 of 23533,  east_1_extracted.txt
051744  Which way is east? 哪邊是東?
051745  A gale  was blowing from the east. 大風從東面吹來。
051746  a town to the east of (=  further east than) Chicago 芝加哥以東的一個城鎮 —compare  north, south, west
051747  I was  born in the East, but now live in San Francisco. 我出生在東部,但現住在舊金山。
051748  East-West  relations 東西方關係
051750  4010 of 23533,  burrow_1_extracted.txt
051751  [V, usually +adv./prep.] Earthworms  burrow deep into the soil. 蚯蚓鑽土很深。
051752  [VN +adv./prep.] The  rodent burrowed its way into the sand. 這隻鼠掘洞鑽進沙裏。
051753  [V] He  burrowed down beneath the blankets. 他鑽到毯子下面。
051754  [VN] She  burrowed her face into his chest. 她把臉埋進他的懷裏。
051755  She burrowed in the  drawer for a pair of socks. 她在抽屜裏翻找一雙襪子。
051756  He was afraid that they  would burrow into his past. 他擔心他們會追查他的過去。
051758  4011 of 23533,  pare_extracted.txt
051759  First,    pare the rind from the lemon. 首先把檸檬皮剝掉。
051760  She pared the apple. 她削了蘋果。
051761  The    training budget has been pared back to a minimum. 培訓預算已被削減到最低限度。
051762  The workforce has been pared to the bone (=    reduced to the lowest possible level). 公司員工已被裁減到極限。
051764  4012 of 23533,  unworthy_extracted.txt
051765  He considered    himself unworthy of the honour they had bestowed on him. 他認為自己不配得到大家賦予他的榮譽。 worthy
051766  Such opinions are    unworthy of educated people. 知識分子發表這樣的言論有失身分。             un∙worthi∙nessnoun [U] : feelings ofunworthiness 自卑感
051768  4013 of 23533,  tack_2_extracted.txt
051769  The carpet was  tacked to the floor. 地毯是用平頭釘釘在地板上的。
051770  The poems were tacked  on at the end of the book. 這幾首詩給附在書的末尾。
051772  4014 of 23533,  reply_1_extracted.txt
051773  [V] to  reply to a question/ an advertisement 回答問題;回應廣告
051774  He never replied to any  of my letters. 他從來沒給我回過信。
051775  She only replied with a smile. 她只是報以微笑。
051776  [V  speech] 'I  won't let you down,' he replied confidently. 他信心十足地答道:"我不會讓你失望的。"
051777  [V that] The  senator replied that he was not in a position to comment. 參議員回答說他不宜發表評論。 note at answer
051778  The terrorists  replied to the government's statement with more violence. 恐怖分子以更多的暴力事件來回應政府的聲明。
051780  4015 of 23533,  deadlock_extracted.txt
051781  European    agriculture ministers failed to break the deadlock over farm    subsidies. 歐洲各國農業部長在農業補貼問題上未能打破僵局。
051782  (BrE) The    strike appeared to have reached deadlock. 罷工好像已陷入僵局。
051783  (NAmE, BrE) The    strike has reached a deadlock. 罷工已陷入僵局。
051784  Despite    months of discussion the negotiations remained deadlocked. 儘管已討論數月,談判仍僵持不下。
051786  4016 of 23533,  shirt_extracted.txt
051787  to wear a shirt and  tie 穿襯衫,紮領帶
051788  a short-sleeved shirt 短袖襯衫
051789  a football shirt 足球衫 —
051790  Keep    your shirt on! It was only a joke. 別生氣!開個玩笑而已。
051792  4017 of 23533,  typography_extracted.txt
051793  a typographical error 排印錯誤
051794  typographicdesign 印刷版面設計 typo∙graph∙ic∙al∙ly // adv.
051796  4018 of 23533,  poundage_extracted.txt
051797  to carry extra    poundage 負載超重                  pound∙age  // noun  [U]
051798  to carry extra    poundage 負載超重
051800  4019 of 23533,  slate_2_extracted.txt
051801  to  slate a book/ play/ writer 批評一部書╱一齣戲╱一位作家
051802  [VN] The  houses were first slated for demolition five years ago. 這些房子在五年前就確定要拆除了。
051803  [VN  to inf] The  new store is slated to open in spring. 新商店預計春天開業。
051804  [VN] I  was told that I was being slated for promotion. 我聽說,我被定為提升的人選。
051805  [VN  to inf] He  is slated to play the lead in the new musical. 他獲選在新的音樂劇中擔任主角。
051807  4020 of 23533,  suited_extracted.txt
051808  She    was ideally suited to the part of Eva Peron. 她演愛娃 庇隆這個角色再合適不過了。
051809  He is not really suited for a teaching career. 他不大適合做教師。
051810  This diet is suited to anyone who wants to lose    weight fast. 這一食譜適合每一個希望迅速減肥的人。 unsuited
051811  Jo and I are very well suited. 我跟喬非常合得來。
051812  They were not suited to one another. 他們倆彼此不配。 unsuited
051813  sober-suited    city businessmen 城市裏那些衣着莊重的生意人
051815  4021 of 23533,  industrialize_extracted.txt
051816  [V] Thesouthern part of the country was slow to industrialize. 這個國家的南部工業化進程緩慢。 [alsoVN] in∙dus∙tri∙al∙iza∙tion, -isa∙tion/; NAmE / noun [U] : the rapid industrialization of Japan 日本的迅速工業化 in∙dus∙tri∙al∙ized, -ised adj.: an industrialized country 工業化國家
051818  4022 of 23533,  monologue_extracted.txt
051819  He    went into a long monologue about life in America. 他開始滔滔不絕地談起美國的生活。
051820  a    dramatic monologue 戲劇獨白    —compare    dialogue,    soliloquy
051822  4023 of 23533,  sporting_extracted.txt
051823  a    major sporting event 一項重要的體育賽事
051824  a range of sporting activities 一系列體育活動
051825  His main sporting interests are golf and tennis. 他在體育方面主要愛好高爾夫球和網球。
051826  (NAmE) a    store selling sporting goods 經營體育用品的商店
051827  He sportingly    agreed to play the point again. 他風格高,同意那一分重打。
051829  4024 of 23533,  insinuate_extracted.txt
051830  [V that] The    article insinuated that he was having an affair with his friend's wife. 文章含沙射影地點出他和朋友的妻子有染。
051831  [VN] What are you    trying to insinuate? 你拐彎抹角想說什麼?
051832  an insinuating smile 暗示的微笑
051833  In the    first act, the villain insinuates himself into the household of the man he    intends to kill. 在第一幕中,惡棍混進了他企圖謀殺的男子的家庭。
051834  She insinuated    her right hand under his arm. 她悄悄把右手插到他胳膊底下。
051836  4025 of 23533,  lie_3_extracted.txt
051837  You couldsee from his face that he was lying. 從他的表情上你可以看出他在說假話。
051838  Don't lieto me! 別對我撒謊!
051839  She liesabout her age. 她謊報自己的年齡。
051840  The cameracannot lie (= give a false impression). 照相機不會作假。 —
051841  The  witness was clearly lying through his teeth. 那證人分明是在睜着眼睛說瞎話。
051843  4026 of 23533,  comprehensible_extracted.txt
051844  easily/ readilycomprehensible to the average reader 一般讀者容易懂的 incomprehensible com∙pre∙hen∙sib∙il∙ity/; NAmE / noun [U]
051846  4027 of 23533,  imperturbable_extracted.txt
051848  4028 of 23533,  incline_1_extracted.txt
051849  [V] I  incline to the view that we should take no action at this stage. 我傾向於認為我們在這個階段不應採取行動。
051850  [V  to inf] The  government is more effective than we incline to think. 政府的效率比我們所慣常以為的要高。
051851  [VN] Lack  of money inclines many young people towards crime. 缺錢使很多年輕人產生了犯罪傾向。
051852  [VN  to inf] His  obvious sincerity inclined me to trust him. 他滿臉的真誠,讓我願意相信他。
051853  [V] The land inclined gently  towards the shore. 地面緩緩向海岸傾斜。 [also  VN]
051855  4029 of 23533,  unequal_extracted.txt
051856  an unequal    distribution of wealth 財富的分配不均
051857  an unequal contest 不公平競爭
051858  The sleeves are    unequal in length. 這兩隻衣袖不一般長。
051859  The rooms upstairs are of unequal size. 樓上的房間大小不同。
051860  She felt unequal    to the task she had set herself. 她覺得難以完成給自己定下的任務。 equal             un∙equal∙ly// adv.
051862  4030 of 23533,  delinquent_extracted.txt
051863  delinquent    teenagers 不良青少年
051864  a    delinquent borrower 欠債未還的借款人
051865  a    delinquent loan 逾期未還的貸款 de∙lin∙quent noun —
051867  4031 of 23533,  masculine_1_extracted.txt
051868  He was handsome and  strong, and very masculine. 他英俊強壯,富有男子漢氣概。
051869  That suit  makes her look very masculine. 她穿那套衣服看起來很男性化。 —compare feminine  adj. (1),  male adj. (1)
051870  'He' and 'him' are  masculine pronouns. * he 和 him 都是陽性代詞。
051871  The  French word for 'sun' is masculine. 法語單詞"太陽"是陽性的。
051873  4032 of 23533,  reign_2_extracted.txt
051874  the reigning  monarch 當政的君主
051875  Queen Victoria reigned from 1837 to 1901. 維多利亞女王自 1837 年至 1901 年在位。
051876  Herod  reigned over Palestine at that time. 那時,希律王統治巴勒斯坦。
051877  the  reigning champion 冠軍稱號的保持者
051878  In the field of classical music, he still reigns supreme. 在古典音樂領域,他仍然是最為傑出的。
051879  At last silence  reigned (= there was complete silence). 最後,萬籟俱寂。
051881  4033 of 23533,  newspaper_extracted.txt
051882  a    daily/ weekly newspaper 日╱週報
051883  a local/ national newspaper 地方性╱全國性報紙
051884  a newspaper    article 報紙上發表的文章
051885  I read about it in the newspaper. 我在報上看到了這件事。
051886  a newspaper cutting 剪報
051887  She    works for the local newspaper (= the    company that produces it). 她在一家地方報社工作。
051888  newspaper proprietors 報紙創辦人 —
051889  Wrap all your    glasses in newspaper. 把你的玻璃杯全用舊報紙包起來。
051891  4034 of 23533,  whisper_1_extracted.txt
051892  [V] Don't  you know it's rude to whisper? 難道你不知道竊竊私語是不禮貌的嗎?
051893  What are you  two whispering about? 你們兩人在低聲說些什麼?
051894  [V speech] 'Can  you meet me tonight?' he whispered. "你今晚能和我見面嗎?"他小聲問。
051895  [VN] She  leaned over and whispered something in his ear. 她探過身去附耳跟他說了些什麼。
051896  [V  that] He  whispered to me that he was afraid. 他低聲對我說他害怕。
051897  [VN that] It  was whispered that he would soon die and he did. 有人私下說他將不久於人世,他果然死了。 [also  V  that]
051899  4035 of 23533,  businessman_extracted.txt
051900  I    should have got a better price for the car, but I'm not much of a    businessman. 那輛車我本應賣個更好的價錢,但我不大會做生意。
051902  4036 of 23533,  tempo_extracted.txt
051903  a slow/    fast tempo 慢╱快速
051904  It's    a difficult piece, with numerous changes of tempo. 這支曲子節奏變化多,難度很大。
051905  the increasing    tempo of life in Western society 西方社會日益加速的生活節奏
051907  4037 of 23533,  foreground_1_extracted.txt
051908  The figure in  the foreground is the artist's mother. 圖畫前景中的人是畫家的母親。
051909  Inflation  and interest rates will be very much in the foreground of their  election campaign. 通貨膨脹和利率將很可能是他們競選的重點問題。 —compare background
051911  4038 of 23533,  sole_2_extracted.txt
051912  The hot sand burned  the soles of their feet. 灼熱的沙地使他們的腳掌感到火辣辣的。
051913  leather  soles 皮的鞋底 —compare  heel n. (3)
051914  rubber-soled  shoes 膠底鞋
051916  4039 of 23533,  spur_1_extracted.txt
051917  His speech was a  powerful spur to action. 他的講話很有鼓動力。
051918  I phoned him up    on the spur of the moment. 我一時心動,給他打了電話。
051919  a    spur-of-the-moment decision 心血來潮的決定
051921  4040 of 23533,  sonorous_extracted.txt
051922  a sonorous voice 渾厚的嗓音 son∙or∙ity/; NAmE ; / noun [U, C] : the rich sonority of the bass 男低音飽滿渾厚的音色 son∙or∙ous∙ly adv.
051924  4041 of 23533,  no_2_extracted.txt
051925  No student is to  leave the room. 學生一律不許離開這房間。
051926  There were no letters this morning. 今天早上一封信也沒有。
051927  There's no bread left. 一片麪包都沒有了。
051928  No two days are the same.  一天一個樣。 —
051929  No  smoking! 禁止吸煙!
051930  There's no telling  what will happen next. 下一步還不定會發生什麼事。
051931  She's  no fool (= she's  intelligent). 她並不傻。
051932  It was  no easy matter (= it was difficult). 這件事不容易。
051934  4042 of 23533,  sponge_2_extracted.txt
051935  She sponged his hot  face. 她用濕毛巾擦了擦他那滾燙的臉。
051936  Take your jacket off and I'll sponge it down with water. 把你的夾克脫下來,我要用海綿蘸上水把它擦一擦。
051937  We tried to sponge  the blood off my shirt. 我們試着把我襯衫上的血跡擦掉。
051938  He spent his life  sponging off his relatives. 他靠在眾親屬那兒蹭吃蹭喝過了一輩子。
051940  4043 of 23533,  underspend_extracted.txt
051941  [V] The inquiry found that thecompany had seriously underspent on safety equipment. 調查發現,公司對安全設備的投資嚴重不足。
051942  [VN] We'veunderspent our budget this year. 我們今年的花費少於預算。 under∙spend/; NAmE / noun [sing.] (BrE) : a £1 million underspend 少花的 100 萬英鎊
051944  4044 of 23533,  cute_extracted.txt
051945  a cute little    baby 逗人喜愛的小寶寶
051946  (BrE) an    unbearably cute picture of two kittens (= it    seems    sentimental) 讓人愛得不得了的兩隻小貓的圖片
051947  Check out those    cute guys over there! 瞧那邊那些性感的傢伙!
051948  She had a really    cute idea. 她有一個精明絕頂的主意。
051949  Don't get cute with me! 別跟我耍滑頭! cute∙ly adv.: to smile cutely 可愛地一笑 cute∙ness noun [U]
051951  4045 of 23533,  mogul_extracted.txt
051952  a    movie mogul 電影大亨
051954  4046 of 23533,  bathroom_extracted.txt
051955  Go and wash your    hands in the bathroom. 到盥洗室洗手去。
051956  I have to go    to the bathroom (= use the toilet). 我得上洗手間。
051957  Where's the bathroom? (= for    example in a restaurant) 衞生間在哪裏? note    at toilet
051959  4047 of 23533,  depress_extracted.txt
051960  [VN] Wet    weather always depresses me. 陰雨天總使我心情抑鬱。
051961  [VN to inf] It    depresses me to see so many young girls smoking. 看到這麼多女孩抽煙令我感到很沮喪。
051962  The    recession has depressed the housing market. 經濟衰退導致住房市場不景氣。
051963  to    depress wages/ prices 減少工資;降低價格
051964  to depress the    clutch pedal (= when driving). (開車時)踩離合器踏板
051966  4048 of 23533,  lump_1_extracted.txt
051967  a  lump of coal/ cheese/ wood 一塊煤╱奶酪╱木頭
051968  This sauce  has lumps in it. 這調味汁裏有結塊。
051969  One lump or two? 加一塊方糖還是兩塊?
051970  He was  unhurt apart from a lump on his head. 除了頭上起了個包,他沒有別的傷。
051971  Check your  breasts for lumps every month. 每月要檢查一次乳房是否有腫塊。
051973  4049 of 23533,  progress_2_extracted.txt
051974  The  course allows students to progress at their own speed. 本課程允許學生按各自的速度學習。
051975  Work on the new road is progressing slowly. 新路的修建工作在緩慢進行。
051976  The line of traffic  progressed slowly through the town. 車流緩慢地穿過城鎮。
051977  (figurative) Cases  can take months to progress through the courts. 案件可能需要好幾個月才能審結。
051978  The weather became  colder as the day progressed. 天色越晚,天氣就越冷。         pro'gress to sth to move on from doing one thing to  doing sth else 接着做(另一件事) : She started off  playing the recorder and then progressed to the clarinet. 她起初吹豎笛,進而吹單簧管。
051980  4050 of 23533,  hoover_extracted.txt
051981  [VN] to hoover the carpet 用吸塵器清掃地毯 [also  V] hoover  sth'up
051982  to hoover up all the dust 用吸塵器清除所有的灰塵
051983  The    US and Canada usually hoover up most of the gold medals. 美國和加拿大通常奪得大部份的金牌。            hoo∙ver∙ing noun [U] : It's your turn to do  the hoovering. 該你做吸塵清潔了。
051985  4051 of 23533,  nobble_extracted.txt
051986  his attempts to nobble the jury 他想收買陪審團的種種企圖
051987  He was nobbled by    the press who wanted details of the affair. 新聞界緊盯住他不放,要瞭解事件的詳情。             nob∙blingnoun [U]
051989  4052 of 23533,  nurse_1_extracted.txt
051990  a  qualified/ registered nurse 合格的╱註冊護士
051991  student nurses 實習護士
051992  a male nurse 男護士
051993  a  dental nurse (= one who helps a dentist) 牙科護士
051994  a  psychiatric nurse (= one who works in a hospital for  people with mental illnesses) 精神病醫院的護士
051995  Nurse Bennett 貝內特護士
051996  Nurse,  come quickly! 護士,快過來!  —
051998  4053 of 23533,  serial_2_extracted.txt
051999  tasks carried out  in the same serial order 按同樣順序完成的任務
052000  a  serial rapist 一個連續作案的強姦犯
052001  a novel  in serial form 一部連載小說 seri∙al∙ly // adv.
052003  4054 of 23533,  criticism_extracted.txt
052004  The    plan has attracted criticism from consumer groups. 這項計劃引起了各消費者組織的指責。
052005  There was widespread criticism of the    government's handling of the disaster. 政府對災難的處理方式遭到了普遍的批評。
052006  People in public life must always be open to    criticism (= willing to    accept being criticized). 公眾人物必須隨時準備接受批評。
052007  Ben is very sensitive, he just can't take    criticism. 本很敏感,簡直接受不了批評。
052008  to offer sb constructive criticism (= that    is meant to be helpful) 提出建設性的批評意見
052009  I didn't mean it as a criticism. 我沒有要責備的意思。
052010  criticisms levelled at (=    aimed at) journalists    針對記者的批評
052011  My only criticism of the house is that it is on a    main road. 我對這座房子唯一的批評意見是它處於一條大路上。 praise
052012  literary    criticism 文學批評
052014  4055 of 23533,  wage_1_extracted.txt
052015  wages of £200 a week 一星期 200 英鎊的工資
052016  a weekly wage of £200 週薪 200 英鎊
052017  wage cuts 減薪
052018  a wage increase of 3% * 3% 的加薪
052019  (BrE) a wage rise of 3% * 3% 的加薪
052020  wage demands/claims/ settlements 增加工資的要求;工資解決協議
052021  Wages are paid onFridays. 每星期五發工資。
052022  There are extra benefits for people on low wages. 低薪者有額外補助。
052023  The staff have agreedto a voluntary wage freeze (= a situation in which wages are not increased for atime). 全體員工已經同意自願凍結工資。 —
052025  4056 of 23533,  intercede_extracted.txt
052026  They interceded with the authorities on behalf of thedetainees. 他們為被拘留者向當局求情。 inter∙ces∙sion/; NAmE / noun [U] : the intercession of a priest 神父的代禱
052028  4057 of 23533,  socket_extracted.txt
052029  a    wall socket 牆壁插座
052030  an aerial socket    on the television 電視機上的天線插孔
052031  His eyes bulged    in their sockets. 他的兩眼從眼窩裏鼓出來。
052033  4058 of 23533,  conservative_1_extracted.txt
052034  the  conservative views of his parents 他父母的保守觀念
052035  Her style of dress was  never conservative. 她的服裝式樣一點兒也不保守。
052036  Conservative  members/ supporters 保守黨的黨員╱支持者
052037  At a  conservative estimate, he'll be earning  £50 000.  按照保守的估計,他會賺到 5 萬英鎊。 con∙ser∙va∙tive∙ly adv.
052039  4059 of 23533,  allergic_extracted.txt
052040  I like cats but    unfortunately I'm allergic to them. 我喜歡貓,但遺憾的是我對貓過敏。
052041  an allergic    reaction/ rash 過敏性反應╱皮疹
052042  You    could see he was allergic to housework. 你可以看出他很討厭做家務。
052044  4060 of 23533,  convertible_1_extracted.txt
052045  a convertible sofa (= one that can be used as a bed) 可當作牀用的沙發
052046  convertiblecurrencies (= ones that can beexchanged for those of other countries) 可兌換的貨幣
052047  The bonds areconvertible into ordinary shares. 債券可兌換為普通股。 con∙vert∙ibil∙ity /; NAmE / noun [U]
052049  4061 of 23533,  delicacy_extracted.txt
052050  the delicacy of    the fabric 織物的柔軟性
052051  the    delicacy of his touch 他那溫柔的撫摸
052052  She handled the    situation with great sensitivity and delicacy. 她慎重而周到地處理了這個情況。
052053  I need to talk to you about a    matter of some delicacy. 我需要與你談個有點棘手的問題。
052054  local delicacies 當地的美味佳肴
052056  4062 of 23533,  sexy_extracted.txt
052057  the sexy lead    singer 性感的主唱
052058  She looked incredibly sexy in a black evening gown. 她穿着黑色的晚禮服,顯得性感極了。
052059  sexy underwear 性感的內衣
052060  a    sexy look 撩人的眼神
052061  The music and    wine began to make him feel sexy. 那音樂和酒逐漸使他性慾萌動。
052062  a sexy new range    of software 一系列很棒的新軟件
052063  Accountancy just isn't sexy. 會計工作實在乏味。 sex∙ily adv. sexi∙ness noun [U]
052065  4063 of 23533,  fraudulent_extracted.txt
052066  fraudulent advertising 虛假不實的廣告
052067  fraudulentinsurance claims 詐騙性的保險索賠fraudu∙lence/; NAmE / noun [U] fraudu∙lent∙ly /; NAmE / adv.
052069  4064 of 23533,  neighbour_extracted.txt
052070  We've    had a lot of support from all our friends and neighbours. 我們得到了朋友和鄰里的很多照顧。
052071  Our next-door neighbours are very noisy. 我們隔壁的鄰居非常吵。
052072  Britain's    nearest neighbour is France. 英國最近的鄰國是法國。
052073  Stand quietly,    children, and try not to talk to your neighbour. 孩子們,站好,保持安靜,不要交頭接耳。
052074  The tree fell slowly, its branches caught in those    of its neighbours. 這棵樹慢慢地倒下,枝杈和旁邊的樹交錯在一起了。
052075  We should all    love our neighbours. 我們都要愛鄰人。
052077  4065 of 23533,  grave_2_extracted.txt
052078  The police have  expressed grave concern about the missing child's safety. 警方對失踪孩子的安全深表關注。
052079  The consequences will be very grave if nothing is done. 如果不採取任何措施後果將會是非常嚴重的。
052080  We were in grave danger. 我們處於極大的危險之中。
052081  He looked very  grave as he entered the room. 他進屋時表情非常嚴肅。 —see also gravity(3) note at serious grave∙ly adv.: She is gravely ill.  她病得很重。
052082  Local  people are gravely concerned. 當地人都深感不安。
052083  He  nodded gravely as I poured out my troubles. 我傾訴我的苦惱時他心情沉重地點了點頭。
052085  4066 of 23533,  sickness_extracted.txt
052086  She's been off    work because of sickness. 她因病沒有上班。
052087  insurance against    sickness and unemployment 疾病和失業保險 note at illness
052088  altitude/ travel/ radiation,    etc. sickness 高原病、旅行眩暈、輻射病等 —
052089  symptoms include    sickness and diarrhoea 症狀包括嘔吐和腹瀉
052090  The sickness passed off after a while. 過了一會兒,就不覺得惡心了。 —
052092  4067 of 23533,  rein_1_extracted.txt
052093  She  pulled gently on the reins. 她輕輕地拉着繮繩。
052094  It was time to hand  over the reins of power (= to give control  to sb else). 是該讓權的時候了。
052095  The vice-president was forced to take up the reins of office.  副總統被迫走馬上任。
052096  The designer was    given free rein. 設計者可以自由發揮。
052097  The script allows    full rein to her larger-than-life acting style. 劇本允許她充分展現她那誇張的表演風格。
052099  4068 of 23533,  requirement_extracted.txt
052100  the    basic requirements of life 基本生活所需
052101  a software package to meet    your requirements 滿足你需要的軟件包
052102  Our immediate    requirement is extra staff. 我們亟須增加人手。
052103  These goods are surplus    to requirements (= more than we    need). 這些貨物超過了我們的需要。
052104  to    meet/ fulfil/ satisfy the requirements 符合╱滿足必備的條件
052105  What is the    minimum entrance requirement for this course? 這門課程的基本入學條件是什麼?
052107  4069 of 23533,  smoulder_extracted.txt
052108  The bonfire was    still smouldering the next day. 到了第二天,篝火還在悶燃。
052109  a smouldering    cigarette 慢慢燃燒的香煙
052110  (figurative) The    feud smouldered on for years. 這場冤仇積結了多年。
052111  His eyes    smouldered with anger. 他眼裏冒着強壓的怒火。
052112  Anger smouldered in his eyes. 強壓的怒火在他眼裏燃燒。
052114  4070 of 23533,  explosion_extracted.txt
052115  a    bomb/ nuclear/ gas explosion 炸彈╱核╱氣體爆炸
052116  There    were two loud explosions and then the building burst into flames. 兩聲巨響之後建築物便燃燒起來。
052117  Bomb Squad officers carried out a controlled    explosion of the device. 炸彈處理小組官員在嚴密控制下引爆了這一裝置。
052118  300 people    were injured in the explosion. 有 300 人在爆炸中受傷。
052119  a population    explosion 人口激增
052120  an explosion of interest in learning Japanese 學習日語的興趣陡然上升
052122  4071 of 23533,  thermal_1_extracted.txt
052123  thermal energy 熱能
052124  thermal  underwear 保暖內衣褲
052125  thermal  springs 溫泉    ther∙mal∙ly// adv.
052127  4072 of 23533,  prescribe_extracted.txt
052128  [VN] Valium    is usually prescribed to treat anxiety. 安定劑通常用於治療焦躁。
052129  [
052130  [VN] The    prescribed form must be completed and returned to this office. 必須把指定的表格填好並交回本辦事處。
052131  [V that] Police    regulations prescribe that an officer's number must be clearly visible. 警政制度規定,警察的番號必須醒目。
052132  [V wh-] The    syllabus prescribes precisely which books should be studied. 教學大綱明確規定了哪些是必讀的書。
052134  4073 of 23533,  brutal_extracted.txt
052135  a brutal attack/    murder/ rape/ killing 野蠻的攻擊╱謀殺╱強姦╱殺害
052136  With brutal    honesty she told him she did not love him. 她冷酷地直接告訴他,她不愛他。             bru∙tal∙ity// noun [U, C] (pl. -ies) : police brutality 警察的粗暴
052137  thebrutalities of war 戰爭的殘酷 bru∙tal∙ly // adv.: He was brutallyassaulted. 他遭到毒打。
052138  Let me be brutallyfrank about this. 讓我把這件事無情地挑明說吧。
052140  4074 of 23533,  brassy_extracted.txt
052141  the brassy blonde    behind the bar 酒吧櫃枱後面的花哨金髮女郎
052143  4075 of 23533,  feeble_extracted.txt
052144  a feeble old man 衰弱的老人
052145  The    heartbeat was feeble and irregular. 心搏無力,心律不齊。
052146  a    feeble argument/ excuse/ joke 無力的證據;站不住腳的藉口;乾巴巴的笑話
052147  a feeble    attempt to explain 無力的試圖解釋
052148  Don't be so feeble!    Tell her you don't want to go. 別那麼軟弱了!告訴她你不想去。             feeble∙nessnoun [U] feebly // adv.
052150  4076 of 23533,  absurd_extracted.txt
052151  That uniform    makes the guards look absurd. 警衞們穿着那種制服看起來怪模怪樣的。
052152  Of course    it's not true, what an absurd idea. 那當然不合乎事實,這個想法太荒唐了!
052153  He    has a good sense of the absurd. 他對荒誕事物有較強的識別能力。 ab∙surd∙ity noun [U,    C] (pl. -ties) : It was only later    that she could see the absurdity of the situation. 要到後來她才看出了那種局面的荒唐。 ab∙surd∙ly adv. ridiculously : The paintings    were sold for absurdly high prices. 那些畫以高得出奇的價格售出。
052155  4077 of 23533,  drum_2_extracted.txt
052156  [VN] Impatiently,  he drummed his fingers on the table. 他不耐煩地用手指嗒嗒地敲擊桌子。 [also  V]
052157  We had it drummed into us that we should never talk to  strangers. 我們曾被反複叮囑千萬不要與陌生人講話。 drum  sb 'out (of sth) [usually passive] to  force sb to leave an organization as a punishment for doing sth wrong 開除;轟走;驅逐 drum  sth'up to try  hard to get support or business 竭力爭取(支持);兜攬(生意) :  He had flown to the north of the country to drum up  support for the campaign. 他已乘飛機到國家的北方去努力爭取對這一運動的支持。
052159  4078 of 23533,  aesthetic_1_extracted.txt
052160  an aesthetic  appreciation of the landscape 用審美的眼光欣賞風景
052161  The benefits of  conservation are both financial and aesthetic. 保護自然環境在經濟上和美化環境上都有好處。
052162  Their  furniture was more aesthetic than functional. 他們的傢具美觀多於實用。    aes∙thet∙ic∙al∙ly(NAmE also es-)// adv.: aestheticallypleasing colour combinations 賞心悅目的色彩搭配
052164  4079 of 23533,  clear_3_extracted.txt
052165  Stand clear of the  train doors. 不要靠近火車門站立。
052166  He injured his arm as he jumped clear of the car. 他跳離汽車時手臂受了傷。
052167  By lap two Walker was two metres clear of the rest of the runners. 跑第二圈時,沃克已領先了其他賽跑者兩米。
052168  She  could see clear down the highway into the town. 她順着公路一直望去,能看到遠處的那座城鎮。


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